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This section describes some of the forensic cases in which Dr. Preston: a) has been involved; and b) describes what role or purpose he served; and c) illustrates some of the media (references) coverage presented to the public. Although most of these cases were presented in national and local “mews” media by television broadcasts, magazine article/s, newspaper/s, and or by book publications, most names of individuals are intentionally not referenced for the sake of the privacy of others, such as family members, victims, and critical participants, such as police officers, judges, attorneys, etc. The intent of presenting this section is to illustrate for prospective clients, courts, attorneys, or persons seeking consultation, the diversity of, experience with, and familiarity about forensic cases and situations with which Dr. Preston has previously worked.


I recommend those who review these cases, the information, even though in all instances, were presented by national or local media forums, these could perhaps represent emotional sensitivities, horrors, recollections, and atrocities many would prefer to forget. So please, do not reference these if you have been a victim of crime, or associated with persons who have experienced crime victimization, for any reasons other than purposes specified in the paragraph above:


NOTES: 1 References to the cases below are presented in descriptive terms and do not necessarily reflect how media or the court might have referred to them. 2 Cases below are described in the format designated above, where “a)” describes the case; “(b)” has to do with how Dr. Preston was involved in the case; and “(c)” are citations and references about which Dr. Preston is aware – certainly not exhaustive. 3 The cases presented are not in chronological order. 3 “Teens,” or those under age 18 are to remain anonymous unless and until being “legally” certified as “being an adult;” if media interviews a client this is either “pre-authorized,” and or considered as being “voluntarily.” Kindly consider media limitations (i.e. time, sources, etc.) as they generally present complex happenings within the scope of very brief time constraints. 4 Last, but of great importance, Dr. Preston has no legal authority; he is often appointed by the courts as a forensic expert; he has worked for attorneys who are prosecutors, and defense counselors in criminal court and attorneys representing plaintiffs and respondents in civil court as demonstrated below; he neither decides one’s guilt, innocence, negligence, or lack thereof and their punishment or award, if any are legally determined. Thus, he is not responsible for “outcomes.”




a. Huntsville High School Student Shoots Self in Classroom (12-06-82)

b. Non-Profit Community Development Project: “The Teen Clinic”

182 “teens” between ages 13 and 19, seen (1,412 sessions) over a 30 month

time-frame by 20 student counselors at an average cost of $5.00 per session.

c. Huntsville Times articles: December 12, 1982, (p. 1, sec. A-3); March 13, 1983 (p.

C-1) and promotional radio talk-shows on WNDA and WTAK



a. Local Woman Shoots & Kills Minister at Holmes Avenue Church

b. Post-Doctoral Forensic Supervision Case

c. Multi-media event



a. Madison Police Officer Sentenced for Possessing Child Pornography

(Federal Court)

b. Psychosexual Evaluator, Expert Witness, and interviewed for article below:

c. Wired Magazine Feature Story (October 2002 Edition)



a. High School Bus Topples Off 1-565 Interstate Overpass: Multiple Casualties & Injuries

b. Evaluator of survivors & Plaintiff Consultant

c.  Numerous national, local, television & newspaper articles



a. Cullman County Teen Shoots & Kills Mom: Represented by Local Nun & Attorney

b. Forensic Evaluator: Competency to Stand Trial, Criminal Responsibility at the

time of the alleged crime, & Expert Witness

c. Uncertain (teen certified as an adult), likely at least local news coverage



a. Northeast Huntsville Man Kills Wife: Multiple Stabbing

b. Forensic Evaluator: Competency to Stand Trial & Criminal Responsibility

c. Multiple television reports & newspaper articles



a. Huntsville High School Teen Murders Woman by Beating with Baseball Bat

b. Fact Witness as to mental state prior to the crime

c. Multiple reports (teen certified as an adult)



a. Petition for Custodial Change (McClendon Standard)

b. Parental Fitness Evaluation and Expert Witness

c. (no awareness of reports: case likely sealed due to minor children): at the time,

~early 2000’s, the largest amount spent on a custody change case in Madison

County (~ $197, 000. 00) charged to the plaintiff



a. Huntsville Mother Starves Three Children to Death During Christmas Break

b. Forensic Evaluator: Competency to Stand Trial & Criminal Responsibility

c. Multiple television and newspaper articles



a. Assistant Professor Shoots, Kills, & Injures Fellow Professors at UAH

b. Defense Consultant and Interviewed about forensic evaluation in below book

c. Television Crime Movie, numerous newspaper, television computer-generated

articles and book: Jacquelyn Procter Reeves (2013). Murder Untenured:

Amy Bishop’s Rampage, Boaz, AL, BPI Printing.



a. Grissom High Student Kills Father & Mother: Injures Siblings:

b. Forensic Consultant, Mental Status Monitor, & Plea Educator

c. Multiple television and newspaper articles



a. Geriatric Patient Attacked by Ants at Local Nursing Home

b. Personal Injury Evaluator, Consultant for Attorneys, & Expert Witness

c. Numerous Television and newspaper /media reports: Largest personal injury

award (15 million dollars to date) in Madison County, Alabama



a. Health Care Worker Sets a Geriatric Patient on Fire at Local Nursing Home

b. Forensic / Personal Injury Evaluator and Mental Status Monitor

c. Numerous television, newspaper, & media reports



a. A View From The Shadows (Documentary Film)

Volume I: Exposing the Mind of Child Sex Offenders

Volume II: Treating Child Sex Offenders

b. Dr. Preston Interviewed & had one of his sex offender clients, his wife, the victim

(step-daughter), the siblings & wife’s parents appear, without disguise, tell about

treatment, family reunification, and lifetime plan for sex re-offense prevention.

c. Nationally televised: producers: Loree Gold & Jane Pittman. Goldpitt Productions

(© 2000). Nashville, TN. NOTE: this was one of the graduates of the NASOGTP.



a. Morgan County Female’s Child Charged in Death of her Newborn Child

Indictment: Chemical Endangerment of Child-Death

b. Competency to Stand Trial, Criminal Responsibility & Expert Witness

c. Television & Newspaper reports likely



a. Madison County Man Charged for Two Counts of Sex Abuse of Two Teen Females

b. Psychosexual evaluation, Sentence Mitigation & Expert Witness

c. WHNT-TV (01- 28-14, 02-05-14, & 02-04-14) & likely other television channels.



a. Walker County Man Charged for Sexual Abuse of Daughter

b. Psychosexual evaluation, Evidentiary (“taint”) hearing & Expert Witness

(Case dismissed, court ruled: forensic interview lacked evidentiary scrutiny)

c. Television and newspaper coverage likely



a. Prior Alabama Missionary Gets Life Without Parole for Sex Crimes Against Child

(Calhoun County)

b. Psychosexual Evaluation, Constitutional (8th) Amendment Hearing, Expert


c. “AL.com” & Anniston Star



a. Lauderdale County Man Shoots & Kills Liquor Store Clerk, During Robbery

b. Forensic Psychological Evaluation, Sentence Mitigation, Expert Witness

c. Television and newspaper coverage



a. Colbert County Man Arrested for Attempting to Murder by Hitting a Utility

Worker With his Vehicle & Leaving the Scene of the Crime

b. Competency to Stand Trial Expert Witness

C. Local newspaper coverage


NOTE: If reviewers have names of defendants, etc. of above cases, and access to: alacourt.com, details of the cases above, and many others, in which I’ve been involved as a Licensed Psychologist, specializing in both: forensic and clinical psychology; a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and a Licensed Professional Counselor, who obtained Mental Disability Law Certification from New York Law School. Herein, “No Representation is Made That The Quality Of Mental Health Services To Be Performed is Greater Than The Quality Of Mental Health Services Performed By Other Licensed Mental health Professionals.”




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