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This document briefly depicts employment history and mental health practices and experiences accomplished by Frankie L. Preston, Psy.D. The record reflects place, location at the time, position/s, job duties, and durations experienced by the author. Employment has been full-time forty-plus hours per week and contiguous from August 8th, 1976 until present. Experiences described do not fully account for additional practicum placements, internship (2,000 hours), and post-doctoral work in the areas of marriage and family therapy by American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy’s standards for Clinical Membership, Supervisor in Training, and Approved Supervisor status and Forensic Supervision (both are noted). Practicum, Internship, and Post-Doctoral Supervision details, regarding placements and achievements are provided in a separate document. Employment titles and addresses although antiquated appear as recognized at time of employment/tenure.

1976 -1980: Huntsville Hospital, Department of Psychiatry

Location: 101 Sivley Rd., Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Psychiatric Technician (Trainee, I, II, III, & IV):


While in this position, attained highest technician position ("PT-IV"); completed Associate’s (05-27-77) and Bachelor’s (08-23-88) degrees; enrolled in graduate school; conducted daily group therapy, referrals from 16 psychiatrists; sessions were video-taped and supervision-review sessions were held weekly. I conducted search/seizure, restraint procedures, and self-defense training for other staff members; supervised physicians in residency and RN’s during psychiatric rotations, and wrote policies and procedures about the same practices for nursing services (Joint Commission).

Other Position: Huntsville Hospital Emergency Room Technician:


1981-1986: Huntsville-Madison County Mental Health Center (HMCMHC),

Child and Family Services Division (CFSD)

Location: 660 Gallatin St., Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Therapist-Family Counselor & Psycho-diagnostician:


General Responsibilities and Transition: Psychiatrists, psychologists, and Therapists’ being familiar with my work, as above described, I officially began work January 1st, 1981. My tenure at the hospital ended late December 1980. Being seven months from receipt of my graduate degree in clinical psychology, I began assuming an outpatient therapy caseload, which I maintained throughout my tenure. After receiving my Master’s degree (07-31-81) I participated in the following ancillary services:

Other positions, programs, and mental health experiences:

1986-1988 Co-director, of a "private practice styled" Outpatient Satellite Clinic

Operated under auspices of the HMCMHC:

Location: 7501 South Memorial Pkwy. Huntsville, AL, 35802


The HMCMHC (non-profit) Board of Directors approved funding establishing a free-standing satellite clinic with a goal of placing highest producing (service delivery hours and income enhancement) licensed clinicians at a more affluent location, competing with referrals to local private practice mental health professionals, and potential income enhancement could serve as an financial offset - underwriting costs for mandated indigent services at the main facility. Four clinicians including a child and adult psychiatrist were selected for satellite clinic staff.

1988-1995: Key Pastoral Counseling Center, Inc. (group private practice):

Location: Grove Ave., Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Private Practice Counselor, Consultant & Evaluator:


A not-for-profit group practice of five, three who were ordained ministers, deciding excess income prohibited their continuance as such; they incorporated; and became a for-profit establishment. I began my employment as an "associate," and within six months of joining the group, was invited by the board of directors (5) to become a "partner," and I accepted. The practice objective was to achieve accreditation by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, which was accomplished within two years. During my tenure, we became the area’s largest private practice group in Huntsville, Alabama the largest city between Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN and only AAPC-approved center between primary cities of reference. The Key eventually involved a total of three psychiatrists, four licensed psychologist, (me included) six licensed counselors, and a social worker and offering clinical practices at three locations: Huntsville, Madison, and Scottsboro, Alabama.

Post-Doctoral Forensic Supervision:

1993-1997 Description: This was not an employment experience, yet this was a formal supervision arrangement where cases involving competency to stand trial, responsibility to stand trial, sex abuse victim interviews, sex offender evaluation and treatment, termination of parental rights, parental fitness, child custody, establishing and serving as primary therapist for a court approved domestic violence intervention program (1995) were briefed, critiqued, and modified by a State Certified Forensic Examiner. During the same period 100 hours (many times in the company of the supervisor) of continuing education hours sponsored by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology were completed. The supervisor also shared planning of, completion, report writing, testimony transcripts, of high profile cases he completed for the State of Alabama.

1995-1998 Independent Practice (with a psychologist and psychiatrist):

Location: 120 Holmes Ave., Fourth Floor, Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Private Practice Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist,

Forensic Evaluator and Consultant:


1998-2003: Independent Practice in a group of contractual practitioners

Location: 111 Longwood Dr. Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Private Practice Psychologist, Marriage &Family Therapist,

Forensic Evaluator and Consultant:


I continued my practice as Marriage and Family Therapist; focusing more on divorce prevention, divorce negotiations-efforts designed to reach settlements versus "court contests;" and post-divorce adjustment.

2003-2008: Solo Private Practitioner:

Location: 525 Fountain Row, Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Private Practice Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist,

Forensic Evaluator and Consultant:


My shift into solo private practice for the first time was bitter-sweet. The former because it costs more, and staff (back-up) is less. The positive meant clientele seemed much more relaxed. From privacy, confidentiality, co-mingling of patient files, and direct attention to administrative staff, not having to ask or answer questions in the open, freely discussing scheduling and finances without the feeling of eavesdropping, to even better parking and ease of access to restrooms were among the "client comforts" reported. As for me, who also enjoyed the parking and restroom arrangements, I was the sole decision-maker. When we were off, when we could go home, what we could buy, office policies, etc. it was my call. The refrigerator was cleaner; no one was counting up how many came in, what was paid, how many calls I received or made; and who used the most copy paper, stamps, or staff time. As with many scary experiences, I only wished I’d done it sooner. As for clinical practice, I did essentially the same as above, but refined relationships and skills, particularly taking/traveling where I needed to get continuing education from the American Academy of Forensic Psychology (AAFP). During this arrangement I was a key witness in what was the largest award in a personal injury case, and I worked with a nationally-recognized case involving school bus wreck victims.

2008-2013: Solo Private Practitioner:

Location: 805 Madison St., Suite 2D, Huntsville, AL 35801

Primary Position: Private Practice Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist,

Forensic Evaluator and Consultant:


The move from Fountain Row was primarily due to leasing a historic Huntsville-styled cottage because the owner refused to comply with the American’s with Disabilities Act entrance and exit requirements – constructing a ramp. I had persons requiring wheel-chair access, and in absence of a solution I moved a half-mile away, right across from Huntsville Hospital Emergency Room. Basically my practice didn’t change; I sought and acquired Department of Youth Services Approval (required by state law)for evaluating and treating juvenile (court or DHR sanctioned) referrals; and I amassed the 500+ hour mark of continuing education credits (CEUs) by American Academy of Forensic Psychology. Continuing the basic areas of focus and specialization above underlined, minus Police Recruit Evaluations, I continued to refine how and what I do, as a licensed psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and a licensed counselor. Some might ask (and have) why I am licensed in three areas by three different legislatively designed Boards of Examiners, when licensure as a psychologist would permit my filing insurance for more reimbursement, absent other licenses? First, my practice isn’t dictated by insurance reimbursement. Second, all of these disciplines are separate in terms of the skill-sets required by education, training, supervision, and what they offer to public consumers. This is why disciplines are separately regulated (although I understand there is/was a bill before the legislature proposing to combine all mental health practitioners under one "umbrella board") by specific boards whose members are professionals holding same credential, plus a public member-overseer.

March 01, 2013: Solo Private Practitioner

Location: 7734 Madison Blvd., 124-A, Huntsville, Alabama 35806

Primary Position: Private Practice Psychologist, Marriage & Family Therapist,

Forensic Evaluator and Consultant:


I hold the same licenses; I practice in the same areas bulleted / underlined above; my location more convenient personally and for many clients, whose jobs tend to congregate near the Redstone, Marshall Space Flight, Research Park proximity; and families and students in the Madison. Being just off I-565 those traveling from Birmingham, Nashville, Decatur, Athens, Cullman and Florence, and points in between have more ease locating, parking, and accessing our building. Plus, being in solo private practice continues having customer-consumer and personal advantages prior noted.




Notation: the following statement is not a regular part of this document (e.g. if used in court etc.) but is likely relevant for those seeking information via websites.

For additional details refer to my curriculum vitae, continuing education units, and an article posted on my website: Considerations When Choosing or Referring to a Mental Health Professional." Hopefully, these sources will provide consumers with ample information to make a well-informed choice and serve as a means of comparison for those seeking mental health professionals.


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